Each package we give you comes with a unique, scannable ID code that links your packaging to your customers information. Easily input information from multiple customers online without having to manually write down or print waybills.

NEXLink your shipments in 4 easy steps:


Schedule a pickup

If you don't have NEXGO's custom packaging, you can request for it in advance or have it delivered on your preferred pickup date.


Fill up recipient detials in the NEXLink Waybill Form

Input your customer's information online while you wait for your packaging.


Scan the package ID code to link your packaging to the waybill

Click SCAN on your digital waybill and scan the unique ID code found on the right-hand corner of your packaging.


Wait for our fulfillment partner to pick up your packages!

Reduce the risk of tampered and unreadable waybills when you upgrade your shipment process using NEXLink!

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